Auto To Awesome Workshop 2017

**Please Note: This class will not be covering any information on starting a photography business, or advanced photography skills.  Participants must sign a non-compete clause (included in the Terms and Conditions agreement) stating that they will not offer a similar course or start a photography business within one year of completing the course.**
What's Included
*the ability to take your camera off auto mode 
*catered lunch (when you attend the whole workshop)
*the expertise of TWO photographers
*access to a private blog with all of the information from the class
the ability to take your camera off auto mode
*lunch (when you attend the whole workshop)
*editing tips and tricks (including editing with a FREE online program!)
*lots of fun and learning!

What you need
*a DSLR camera (that's the kind with interchangeable lenses)
*kit lens that comes with your camera (or other lens if you have it)
*your camera manual

You can choose to take just one portion of the workshop ($100 each) or take the whole workshop at a discounted price ($180).  The whole workshop fee also includes lunch.  There are two parts to the workshop-technical and creative.  The workshop fee of $180 is due at time of registration and is non refundable.  However, you may sell your seat to someone else if you are unable to attend.   If you are only taking one half of the workshop, the full $100 is due at time of registration.

Technical Class-taught by Beth from Beth V Photography
Quit using your expensive DSLR like a point and shoot!  By the end of the class, you'll understand how to use your light meter to take properly exposed pictures in manual mode.  Beth will also explain composition and how it effects your images and the use of natural light.  Hands on guidance throughout!

Editing Class-taught by See Cate Create
Learn simple techniques to edit your digital photos to take them from good to GREAT. We will use online tools and free software ( and the inexpensive software Photoshop Elements during this comprehensive beginner class.
- A quick tutorial covering the online photo editing program including how to navigate the site and create simple and quick edits and custom signs, cards, graphics, scrapbook pages, or flyers.
- A walk through of the Photoshop Elements software including simple “clean” editing techniques and more advanced editing using easy to install “actions”.
- How to crop, spot correct, smooth skin, whiten teeth, erase background distractions, brighten, and make your photos POP.

Email to register.  Registration will not be complete until the class fee is paid in full and the Terms and Conditions agreement is signed (digitally).  Please email if you have any questions!

Click Camp-Summer Photography Class for Kids!

Register for Click Camp here: Click Camp Registration

Fall Sessions at The Tunnel

The Tunnel was my favorite location this past fall because it was NEW and it was so so green.  I loved it.  And it has a photographer's favorite thing: a built in frame!  The cement tunnel was such a cool "in photo" frame.  Thanks to all of my amazing clients that took a chance on an unknown location and trusted me!!











Quick Sessions-Saturday Morning in Cypress | Houston, Katy, and Cypress Family Photographer

I have been doing short sessions this fall to accommodate as many clients as I can, while still spending a lot of time on the weekends with my family.   It's been so much fun to see all of my repeat clients and great to meet a couple of new ones.

Here are a few of the images from a couple of weekends ago. 










Baby G | Houston, Katy, and Cypress Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Baby G was such a delight.  The only time he cried was when he was hungry, which didn't happen until the very end.   My favorite part of our session was when we had his older doggie brother come and pose with Baby G.  Love it when pets become the protectors of sweet little babies.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your little miracle, G Family!







F Family Maternity Session | Houston, Katy, and Cypress Maternity Photographer

My best friend from 5th grade is having a baby!  She and her husband are one of the best couples I know and will be spectacular parents.  I'm so grateful that they let me use them as guinea pigs at basically every session we have together.

I love how these turned out and can't wait to meet their little girl!





Mister N | Houston, Katy, and Cypress Newborn Photographer

A couple of weeks ago, I got to meet the adorable Mister N.  He was such a good baby, though he didn't want to sleep for me most of the time. That was okay because he was happy being awake!  I guess he just didn't want to miss a moment of his first photo shoot.  At the very end, I tricked him into sleeping, but this little guy is definitely cute awake or asleep! 

Congrats again H Family!  Enjoy!