S Family Carnival Session | Houston and Cypress Family Photographer

When we were 2, Cosme (the dad) and I went to nursery class at church together. Then my family moved across town but, after a couple more moves, we ended up in the same middle school. Then high school. Then somehow we found ourselves meeting with the same congregation in college. What were the odds?

At some point (for some unknown reason), we decided to tell everyone that we were cousins. Don't we look like we could be related??? Our fib started in high school, but the story really became convincing during freshman year at BYU. I admitted to my best friend Melissa during finals week that Cosme and I were not, in fact, relatives and she just about had a heart attack. Zak says I'm a terrible liar, but does this incident not prove otherwise?!?

Once again, we found our paths cross when we moved to Houston. His family is currently in Texas while Cosme interns and they live not ten minutes away. It was fun to hang out with them, including his very talented wife Lindsay (who is an amazing photographer. It's a little nerve racking to take photos for a photographer. See her work here.).

I was a little worried that the carnival workers would be tired of the "lady with the camera" but they didn't seem to mind we were there and even gave the kids a free ride on the carousel when we were done!!