My philosophy

I believe in family photos. As in: I believe in God, I believe in the Bible, I believe in my marriage, I believe in family photos.

Every year since my son was born, I have made it a goal to have our family photos taken. Whether I feel good about my body (never), or think the kids will pose well for the camera (never), or I have the money to buy new, matchy, designer clothes (never). I do it because I believe in family photos.

The camera is the only way to freeze frame my family's dynamic at.that.moment. Silly. Crazy. Tickle Fests. Tantrums (oh yes, photographers have captured these for me. priceless.). I have tried numerous time to do what a photographer does with the timer on my camera, but it never works out. I have to rush back into the scene and the result is never natural. Thank goodness I can rely on amazing photographers to capture what I can't.

I realize that sometimes (um...always!) money is tight, which is why I've also been grateful for photographers that offer reasonable prices or are willing to trade for services. One year we had a friend that was starting her business take our photos for her portfolio (free!). One year I traded a custom made quilt in exchange for photos. It's not how much you pay for the photos that is important, it's that you make it a priority.

Whether I take your photos, or a friend, or your mom, or even another photographer-make time for it this year. Find a local photographer that's affordable and loves to capture candid, real, moments. It's important. It belongs at the top of your "to-do" list.