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Back in high school Sabrina and I wrote notes back and forth, sang in choir together, watched OJ Simpson's infamous police chase, and then graduated and never saw each other again. Somehow, about 4 years ago, we reconnected through our blogs and I think we've chatted online or emailed almost every day since. Isn't it crazy that a close friend can be someone you haven't actually seen in 13 years?!? The internet is such an amazing thing.

After sharing ups and downs of running a business, challenges of unemployment and illnesses, advice, dealing with kids, and praying for each other for four years online, we were finally able to reunite IN PERSON today. And we didn't skip a beat.

I love Sabrina and am so grateful for her friendship. Her family was adorable (you can certainly tell they are used to being in front of the camera-that's what happens when mom is a photographer). I am so glad we were able to visit and take pictures!!










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