F Family | Houston, Katy, and Cypress Family Photographer

I can remember being assigned to work on a group writing project in the 5th grade with my friend Cathy. For some reason, this is a very vivid memory for me. We were told to rewrite a fairy tale. Honestly, I can say (and I can't say this about very many group projects because I tend to be a control freak), Cathy did most of the work. She was, even in the 5th grade, an AMAZING writer. Seriously. She wrote prose (and still does) like you wouldn't believe. If anyone needs to write a book, it's this girl.

Not only that, but she is one of the most joyous people I have ever met. Her happiness is contagious. I assume she has bad days, but she is the epitome of a lemonade maker. It was such a privilege to take photos of Cathy and her husband, Marc. We had a lot of fun and had a chance to catch up on life. I really hope it's not another 10 years before they step in front of the camera again!! Thank you F Family for a laughter filled morning!!